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Clash of Gods INA
Rp. 45.000Min Order
GC Market
Voucher IN GC
Pulsa IN GC
Item Mal IN GC
Equipment Market
Dragon Nest INA
Rp. 15.000 Min Order
Gold Market
Voucher IN Gold
Pulsa IN Gold
Item Mall IN Gold
Equipment Market
Voucher Game
Rp. 10.000Min Order
Voucher Gemscool
Voucher Lyto Game
Voucher Megaxus
Voucher Qeon
Steam Wallet

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Zhu Store akan selalu melakukan yang terbaik demi memenuhi kebutuhan Gamers Indonesia maupun Dunia, Terutama dalam bidang Pelayanan. Untuk memenuhi hal tersebut kami selalu mengutamakan hal-hal dibawah ini :

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Wether you like them or not, MMORPG games have a huge following amongst the gaming scene and they are here to stay. Here is your TOP 10 list of best upcoming MMORPG games of 2014.

10. World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor
9. Star Citizen
8. Lineage Eternal
7. Everquest Next
6. Bless
5. Wildstar
4. Black Desert
3. Monster Hunter Online
2. Blade and Soul
1. Elder Scrolls Online